May day in England

May day in England, the sun smiling wide
new leaf unfurling and catkins beside
wildflowers dancing like children at play
All this can be seen on an English May day

The melodious robin competes with song thrush
The bees sizzle past in their nectar-drunk rush
the church bells are pealing ‘Go love while you may’
sweet are the sounds of an English May day

Ramsons and wood sorrel freshen the breeze
blossoming hawthorn and horse chestnut trees
Bluebell profusion in perfumed array
Sublime is the scent of an English May day

Courting butterflies rest on the sycamore leaves
The swallows renew their nest under the eaves
Kissing couples hold hands as they swoon and they sway
The world falls in love on an English May day

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